Friday, October 25, 2013

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To what extent can the government help boost domestic industry and manufacturing?

"In recent weeks, several politicians have talked about their desire to help UK manufacturing and boost industrial production. It may be a noble endeavour to try and boost UK industry and rebalance the economy away from financial services to manufacturing. But, how practical is it for the government to actually boost manufacturing output?"


UK House prices

If you're stuck for something to write about, you can always have a look at the crazy world of the UK housing market. Why UK house prices are set to rise, despite being over-priced already. - UK house prices

Should we worry about national debt?

One of the big questions of the past few years -   Governments have been borrowing for centuries. The figures for national debt are staggering. In the US, National debt is over $11 trillion. In the UK, debt is over £1.1 trillion. From a personal perspective, we are brought up to believe debt is a bad thing, and therefore people frequently worry that national debt is too high. But, how much should we worry about these levels of national debt? ... - Should we be concerned about national debt?

Also: post on UK national debt updated - now 76% of GDP)

Explaining the fall in UK unemployment


UK unemployment edged down to 7.7% - a 'relatively' 'good' figure,  given the extent of the economic downturn in the past 5 years. What is going on with UK unemployment?


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