Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ireland - success or failure?

Ireland is often put forward as a model of austerity.

March 2010: “Greece has a role model, and that model is Ireland” — Jean-Claude Trichet

December 2011: “As European leaders scramble to overcome the Continent’s debt crisis, many are pointing to Ireland as a model for how to get out of the troubles.”

March 2012: “Confidence is returning to Ireland and to Europe. The Irish economy is turning the corner. ” — Jose Manuel Barroso.

(Ireland recovers and recovers, P.Krugman

Yet, the evidence is mixed with unemployment at 14% and a very uneven economic recovery.


You can make your own mind up here: Irish economy summary.

You can always look for evidence that supports your opinions. But, it's a tough time for the unemployed in Ireland.


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