Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New posts of 2013

Some new posts of 2013

Should the UK stay in the European Union? In the past few years, there have been a noticeable increase in the calls for the UK to consider leaving the European Union. Would it really be in our economic interests to go it alone? or does the EU still provide benefits which outweigh the costs?

One unexpected consequence of the UK's double dip recession has been a widening of the trade deficit (and Current account deficit). Should we worry? Does it mean a depreciation is imminent? or are trade deficits not important in a globalised economy?


Economics and Positive Thinking. Could we really 'think' ourselves into recovery? Well probably not. But, a very optimistic a clear vision of economic growth would be much better than settling for a dismal decade of austerity and low growth. Europe could do with some vision for better economic times and low unemployment.

UK Economy 2013 A summary of the UK economy as it starts 2013. Also a look at prospects for growth and inflation in 2013. Will growth forecasts, once again prove over-optimistic?

EU's Policies for Economic Growth in 2013 Unfortunately, European supporters will not get much encouragement from looking through the EU's rather anaemic policies for economic growth in 2013 (which by the way, were the same policies as for 2012). An evaluation of policies, such as 'differentiated growth-friendly fiscal consolidation'. and 'kind of hoping for growth'

Top 10 Economies   - How to measure the top 10 economies. Real GDP, Real GDP at PPP and Human development index (HDI)

Graph of the Week


Cinema's buck the post war trend. Cinema attendance in the UK

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