Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Economic update April 23rd

Mrs Thatcher's recent passing has created an unsurprising interest in re-evaluating her period in office. From an economic perspective, it is possible to look at the changing British economy from many different angles. There were definitely winners and losers in the 1980s.
The biggest losers were undoubtedly the 3 million unemployed. The winners were stereotypically living in the south east, homeowners, working in the finance sector, buying shares in privatised industries. Whether the British economy was left in a better place is still debated today. But, one thing is certain, for good or ill - the economy is very different, and there is no going back to pre 1979.

Essay here on economic impact of Mrs Thatcher 

Unemployment since Mrs Thatcher

UK Unemployment 

Inflation and interest rates


more on Mrs Thatcher perspectives

Arguing over the past is one thing, but a more pressing concern is the economic policy of Europe.
How much is government borrowing influenced by economic growth?

This is very important in the current debate, as Europe seeks to reduce borrowing, without really considering impact and importance of economic growth


Also the effect of borrowing on bond yields and debt interest payments

Economic shorts
  • Zero-hour contracts - Mrs Thatcher would probably have approved, but how does it affect workers who increasingly find themselves with zero guaranteed hours?

Irish economy summary - From boom to bust. Is Ireland really a model austerity nation?
The Irish housing market saw one of the greatest boom and busts in the world.

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