Friday, March 19, 2010

And Google Said

And Google said, let there be search!
And there was search, and it was good.
And then Google said, let us control the internet!
And it was not so good.
But, it was too late, for Google was now the new god of the web.

To cut a long story short this, blog is published using blogger, now owned by Google. Google is no longer supporting a certain way of publishing this blog. It means the blog will have to switch to a new address at:

To be fair there are actually benefits of moving to their new system. So it will hopefully be worth the hassle.

What Do I need to Do?

Hopefully nothing. If Google are as smart as they say, the Blog feed will be redirected and blog posts redirected to new address. If you receive posts by email, you should continue to receive them like normal.

Just in case anything goes wrong, make sure to check out

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