Thursday, July 16, 2009

Older Workers in the Workforce

Just a follow up from last week's post on the costs of an ageing population. A reader wrote that they would be happy to work longer, but, many firms are reluctant to hire 'older workers'

Simply firms will have to change and become more willing to hire older workers. At the moment, the recession and high unemployment gives them a large choice. But, if demographic changes continue, there could be acute labour shortages unless firms are more flexible in keeping on older workers.

I imagine there will be greater flexibility, rather than going from full time work to full time retirement, there will be greater use of part time older workers.

Interestingly some firms like B&Q and McDonalds have found that employing older workers has many benefits in terms of reliability and gaining the trust of consumers. These benefits offsetting the perceived inflexibility of older workers in learning new skills.

In the current climate it's a tough environment for those approaching retirement age to find work, but, I see this situation changing in either the near or distant future.

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Anonymous said...

Employers prefer to hire from abroad rather than using aged people from the UK.

They are younger and probably cheaper.

It does nothing to solve the UK's problems and just exacerbates the country's overcrowded and under resourced land space.