Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear Under Cover Economist

Book CoverOn the way back from holiday in Ireland, I picked up a copy of 'Dear Under Cover Economist by Tim Harford and really enjoyed reading through the questions and answers.

There is a range of everyday questions, related to economics.

For example,
  • Why do People wait outside train doors delaying people getting off when they would be better giving more space?
  • Is it worth paying for municipal car parking charges when the chance of getting fined for not paying is low?
  • Why Should I wash my Car? It will be dirty tomorrow?
  • My girlfriend never orders cake for dessert, but, then always eats my cake that I order - what should I do?
  • In restaurants, my husband always chooses better items than me, but, it's boring to always choose the same as him. What should I do?
The answers all use some kind of economic theory from the prisoners dilemma , to income life-cycle hypothesis and rational expectations hypothesis. It's all an entertaining way to express everyday lifestyle questions in economic terms. It creates a good mixture of entertainment and enlightenment - a playful guide to everyday living.

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