Thursday, March 26, 2009

Economics Blogs

Readers Question: Which economics Blogs do you Read?

I try not to spend too long reading other blogs. But, given the nature of economics, it is vital you read a variety of sources to keep upto date with the latest trends. Also when reading blogs / newspapers I try to be aware of the author's natural bias.

Paul Krugman - Paul Krugman is one of my favourite economists. He was consistent in criticising the Bush decade. He is unashamedly a Keynesian and one of the economists claiming the recent US stimulus package was too small.
Greg Mankiw. Greg comes across as a middle of the road economist. He often just links to other important economic articles across the economic specturm. He is much more sceptical of fiscal stimulus than Paul Krugman.
Freakonomics. Often the posts have little relation to economics, but some provide stimulating discussion. I don't read that often but good for ideas 'out of the box'.
The Bank of England Publications. The Bank of England provide a range of publications. Some of the speeches provide a detailed analysis of UK Monetary policy. These have been very informative
The Economist - The only magazine I actually buy. Some excellent economics articles, though I have always been sceptical of their political stance since supporting election of Bush and invasion of Iraq. It is a simplification to say the Economist is a supporter of free markets. They have analysed the limitations of free markets.
Stephan Economics - BBC's economic blogger. Don't get chance to read that often
Economics Roundtable - an assortment of economic blogs

In addition to these economic blogs, I read the Independent, Times, Guardian and FT.

Ideally I would read more economics blogs there are certainly many more very good blogs which deserve to be read, but, with the internet there is a danger of information overload. Sometimes, you have to sit back and write what you think rather than being an echo chamber of other blogs.

That is why I like receiving readers questions because it gives ideas for questions I wouldn't have thought of writing about. I also bear in mind my own economic students and think of topics that would help them give a better overall understanding of economics for A level.

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