Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Euro Under Scrutiny

Some recent Readers Questions:

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James said...

You say that the UK government is borrowing rather than printing money.

Is it borrowing this money from overseas reserves? If so then how does this affect the exchange rate?

Some mention has been made about the government buying up bad debt to help banks and corporate bonds to help business. Will the money for this be borrowed or printed?

Any ideas about oil prices for this year? A fall to well below $40 or is it cheap as is? OPEC says that $60-$80 is required for investment in new production facilities and discovery projects.

Is the current recession as much about last year's energy prices as the credit crunch? If the global economy recovers (and the population increases by yet more millions) then demand will force energy prices back up to levels that cause a stuttering economy again.

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