Monday, December 1, 2008

Recent Economic Links

Robert Shiller, the Yale economist who predicted stock market falls and the US housing bust, has bad predictions for the UK Housing Market. He suggests house prices have further to fall. Guardian article

How To Avoid Boom and Bust in Housing Markets - This is something we need to think about for the future. Relying on monetary policy is not a solution. The solution may lay in reducing volatility of credit lending.

In a previous post on UK Public Finances, I was rather flippant about an IFS report, which I had only read a newspaper summary of. The fact this newspaper was the Daily Mail makes it even less forgiveable. Anyway, the IFS point to the high level of liabilities - future government spending. You can read IFS report here as a pdf

Crowding Out - Higher borrowing is said to occur crowding out. What is crowding out? and why it might not occur

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