Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Economy Booms After 2.5% Cut in VAT (satire)

The government has reduced VAT from 17.5% to 15%, hoping to boost growth. Apparantely, shoppers are queuing up outside Curry's now their 50% sale has been increased to 52.5% sale.
"....2.5p may not seem like much," commented Mrs Cheapa, "but it adds up. I bought this plastic Tupperware set for £3.99 and saved 10p. Unfortunately the 10p fell out of my sari and down an uncovered drain on the pavement, but I still feel like I got a good deal."

...Property sales and mortgages are up a resounding 32% in one day. Royal Bank of Scotland, now primarily owned by the government, has led the way in accepting the 2.5p VAT savings from customers as sufficient down payments for mortgages.

When asked how the Royal Bank of Scotland can do such business without risking another sub-prime mortgage fiasco, its chairman, Sir Angus Spendthrift explained.

"It's simple. We teamed up with that no-frills Irish airline. If they can fly people around the world for 99p, then surely we can give them a home for an additional 2.5p." Sir Spendthrift added, "Their home may be in Albania, however, or wherever that fly-by-night airline lands these days....""

From: The spoof

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Anonymous said...

Ok, your satire tries to bring the point across that no consumer is much motivated by a 2.5 percent decrease in price, fine. But what you fail to demolish is a very real aspect of reduced taxation - that after paying for his usual needs our consumer will have some money left that he can now spend on something he desires, or save.

So, I see you want to convince people that they should agree with a high tax rate but your satire reads like bad socialist agitprop.