Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Economics Revision and Interesting Links

Should The Government intervene to deal with oil Shortages?
The world is facing a rise in the price of oil. Is this an example of market failure? Should we leave the discovery of new energy sources to the free market or is this an issue which requires active government intervention. Given the problems that rising oil prices could cause, it is perhaps surprising governments haven't tried to act earlier.

Are Gas /petrol Prices really falling?
- Why Did the US statistics office report Gas prices fell by 4.7% in April, when every American knows that Gas prices have been rising in the past few weeks? This also raises the issue of how accurate and useful government inflation methods actually are. See also: Measuring the real rate of inflation

In the UK, it is the exam season. I have put together a few tips for students who might be revising for economics exams.

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