Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is Economics Difficult?

Which is easiest Economics or Business Studies?

This is a question I often get asked by students. - Is economics easy or difficult?

To be honest it's hard to answer. It's a bit like saying which is more difficult - running a marathon or cycling 100 miles. Both are difficult if you don't prepare for the event. But, if you do prepare, you can do well in either.

Sometimes students find Economics difficult in the beginning because there are many new concepts to learn. Business studies perhaps deals with more concepts that are general knowledge. But, I don't think we can say one is easier than the other. A lot may depend on how the subject is taught and whether you work at the subject.

When choosing subjects at A Level or university, it is a mistake to look for the "easiest one" It is best to choose a subject that you have an interest in and think you will be committed to studying. If you have an interest in the subject then you will be able to work through any difficulties.

If you find Economics difficult in the first month, don't despair. You will probably find it makes more sense over the course of the year. Once, one of my economics teachers said 70% of economics is about supply and demand, so it's really quite easy when you've mastered that.

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