Friday, September 21, 2007

Help With Answering the Question

hi. i am a student taking A2 economics. i can memorise all the facts but i'm always not answering the questions in the essay. i always put down irrelevant information even thou i have identified the correct keywords and cue words. i appreciate your help.

This is a common problem amongst students and is one of the most common reasons for students failing their exams.

Some Strategies that may help

  • At the end of every paragraph write a sentence to answer the question directly. Even if this means repeating the question a little, no harm. This forces to answer the question set. It also makes sure you don't start answering a different question.
  • Stylistically it may be rather basic. But from an examiners point of view all they care about is whether you have answered the question.
  • Also, remember you are not rewarded for writing quantity. You are rewarded for being specific to the question set.
  • Try writing an essay plan. This enables you to put your ideas down on paper. As you write the plan never lose sight of the question.
  • Keep it simple. To answer a question don't worry about lots of complicated detail. Answers which get high marks are often just focused on answering the question.
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