Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Essay on Free Trade

I would like to using economics argument to write about free trade. My standpoint is Free trade is not fair and is not helpful for development in developing countries.

From your point of view, I should apply economic theory, application to real world, economic data and evaluation of data/theory. Therefore, my essay should write the development in developing countries and the standard of living in developing countries, e.g. are these countries getting better because free trade? Economic data about GDP, average wages in people, export and import in developing countries. These data to explain or to prove that is free trade works. It is right? In additional, I would like to ask should I using Keynesian Economic or Money Theory in my essays, or have another ecomoic theory is more stiuable to explain Free Trade.

  • For Free Trade it is not necessary to use Keynesian Theory.
  • If you can add data, your essay will be stronger. It depends on the level you are writing for. At A Level it would not be necessary to look into indepth statistics analysis.
  • These essays and notes offer a short explanation of the key arguments

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