Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Benefits of Smoking Bans in UK

Recently, the smoking ban came into affect in England. However, in Scotland the ban on smoking in public places has been in force since March 2006.

Statistics recently released suggest that this is the primary reason for the dramatic 17% fall in heart attacks.

Experts suggest that even a small amount of passive smoking can seem to be a trigger which causes heart diesease.
"The correlation between passive smoking and heart attacks is now excellently documented," says Tobias Raupach, the scientific director of an center for people who want to quit smoking at the University Medical Center Göttingen. The peculiar thing is that, both with passive and active smoking, a minimal change can already lead to a large effect. Much as with an avalanche, a small stimulus can lead to a cascade of events
The evidence of Scotland is also backed up by studies in other areas which have introduced a smoking ban such as Italy and Ireland.

This suggests that the smoking ban is an effective method of government intervention and is perhaps more effective that raising taxes on cigarettes.

Other advantages of Smoking bans in Public Places.

  1. Discourages people from starting smoking in the first place
  2. Provides an incentive for people to stop.
  3. Much harder to evade this law. For example higher taxes often lead to people buying from abroad.
  4. You clothes don't smell really bad when you come back from a pub.
Disadvantages of Smoking Bans

  1. I can't think of any, although smokers probably could.
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Good air - good health - article on smoking ban in Scotland


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