Sunday, August 19, 2007

Some Tips On Web Hosting

Getting a good web hosting company is essential for any blogger. These are some of the things to look out for when Getting a new webhost.

1. Bandwidth.

Many websites do not need unlimited bandwidth. However, if you have serious aspirations for your blog, it is best to get an option that enables unlimited bandwidth. If you should find yourself on the home page of Digg, the last thing you want is for your server to go down. Getting on the home page of digg gives the potential for many inbound links and new subscribers. These inbound links are very valuable, as shown by how people would be willing to pay substantial money to get on the digg homepage. Therefore, if it is possible choose a host who can deal with rapid bursts of traffic.
If you have no desire to get traffic spikes and it just a personal blog, it is not so important.

2. Reliability

Reliability is essential. The last thing you want is your site to be unavailable for others. Look for hosts which have developed good reputations. From my personal experience. I have used and host i can. Both servers have performed without any problem.

3. Value for Money.

There is a huge difference in price of deals. Many of my websites are hosted with hostican. The option I chose gives unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited number of sites. At $130 a year, this works out very cheaply. The benefit of this package is that there is no restriction on adding more sites, and all sites you have are given unlimited number of mySql databases, useful for hosting Wordpress.

4. One Click Install.

I am lazy. I don't want to have to be installing wordpress from scratch, even though people say it is relatively easy. I want to be able to click a button and instantaneously have a new wordpress blog. Many of the leading hosts now offer Fantastico, a range of one click install programs.

5. Different IP addresses.

If you have only 1 or 2 blogs this is not an issue. However, I have 4 websites on the similar subject of personal finance / economics. Therefore, there is an inclination to interlink the sites. The theory is that if the websites are on the same host and same IP address, these links will be devalued. I don't think they will cause any harm, unless you link to duplicate content on different sites. However, if the sites are on different IP addresses, I hope that the links may have some value in improving PR. It is difficult to know how important this is. It is hard to say whether it is worth paying another $100 a year just to have sites on different IP addresses. At the moment I use 3 hosting companies, but I intend to reduce this to 2 to make it easier to manage all the sites.

6. US Based Hosts?

US based hosts tend to be cheaper. One advantage of hosting a site on a UK server is that it appeared on the results, even though it was a .org address. However, to be honest I don't think it really matters in which country you choose to host your sites.

7. Help / Support

The web hosting companies I have used, all offer very good customer support. If you are getting poor service, look around for another company.

What is difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

The cheapest and most common type of hosting is shared hosting. This means your website is stored on a machine that also hosts other websites. A dedicated server means you buy a machine just to host your website. This means you have complete control and are not at the mercy of other sites crashing the machine. For beginners, shared hosting will be absolutely fine. Dedicated hosting is worth considering when your site attracts a lot of traffic (and a lot of money to pay for it.

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