Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Should Minimum Driving Age be raised to 18?

Yes, ideally it would be raised to 21.

Benefits of raising driving age to 18

1. Cut the number of deaths.

The highest death rate for drivers is amongst the age group 17-25. Accidents are most likely to occur in the age 17-18. The biggest cause of death for young women is due to road traffic accidents, quite often from cars driven by men.

2. Cut Congestion.

Less drivers on the road means less congestion which is good for the economy.

3. Might Encourage Young people to be fit.

Driving encourages the population to become lazy and obese. If people can't drive they will be forced to walk, use public transport and cycle. This will help lead to a healthier population

4. Young Drivers overestimate their skill

Young drivers, especially male drivers, are likely to overestimate their ability to drive at speed and in difficult conditions. For people of school age, there is often great peer pressure to drive excessively and in a dangerous way.

Other suggestions in the report on raising the driving age

1. Implement a full learning schedule.
2. Stop newly passed drivers carrying passengers between 11pm and 5 am in the morning.
3. A Zero alcohol limit for all new drivers who have just passed their test.
4. Allow people to drive at 17, but not take the test until 18.


hgvlgvtraining said...

As of 10th September 2009 the minimum age to drive an HGV LGV is 18. This is an attempt to atrract new blood into the transport industry. The adverageage of

hgvlgvtraining said...

The age to drive an HGV LGV in the UK has just been reduced from 21 to 18. Whilst in the US you are considering increasing the age?

driversdomainuk said...

I dont think age will make a difference, it is educating drivers and ensure their driving standards remains at a very high level throughout their driving career.

HGV Training UK said...

I think at the age of 17 you are too young and naive to drive. I believe it should be raised to at least 18. As a HGV driver our laws are to only allow people to drive HGV's who are 18 or over. Any younger and i wouldnt feel they had the professionalism in their attitude to cope. Its argued 18 is still too young to drive any type of vehicle.

hgv training said...

I think it is just right raise the age into 18.

PCO Licence Application said...

I look back to when I was 17 and realise how immature I was. Then again I also look back to when I was 21 and still think I was immature compared to how I am now.

It doesn't make sense that you can drive a car but still not be legal to buy a beer or smoke or watch an 18 film so perhaps it needs to be put into line with these other things.

HGV Driver Training said...

According to me 18 is still a young age and at this age driving won't be safe at all. It should be 20 or more than that, at this stage people becomes quite responsible.

Anonymous said...

All older people who say it should be raised would have been pissed if it got raised when they were young so the should stop complaining

Anonymous said...

It should be increased