Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Predicting A-Level Exam Questions

sometimes, for a bit of funny, I try to predict future exam questions. Needless to say they are always complete guesses; sometimes they are spot on, sometimes not at all.

AQA unit 4 - European Case Study

AQA unit 4 seem to try and choose something different each year. There are not many topics left they haven't covered. It could possibly be on the following topics.

- Monetary Policy and control of inflation in european context
- The effect of Net immigration and migration from countries within EU
- The impact of globalisation on the EU.
- The effect of the demographic timebomb on EU economies. E.g. impact of ageing populations on EU economies.

AQA unit 3 - Housing Market

  • Impact of a collapse in House prices on UK economy
  • What determines whether UK house prices will fall?
AQA unit 3 - Environment

  • Always seems to be something like:
  • Discuss policies to reduce environmental pollution

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